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Defenders Northwest is a restoration parts supplier for the ever-growing community of Land Rover Defender owners and enthusiasts in the USA. In our warehouse and workshop in scenic Gig Harbor, Washington we import and stock a full selection of parts, supplies, and tools to support the restoration, enhancement, and maintenance of the Defender platform. From simple service parts like oil-filters, to full restoration foundation items like replacement chassis, we specialize in only Defender 90, 110, and 130 parts. Specializing in 300Tdi powered Defender 110 frame-off restorations for expedition, recreation, or daily-use; we also perform limited restoration projects in-house as production schedules permit. As more and more vintage Defenders become importable into the United States we seek to be the permier supplier and resource for the owners of these fantastic machines across the Pacific Northwest and throughout the Americas.

Brian and Michele Hall Running Fraudulent Land Rover Defender Restoration Shop

Do Your Research Before You Entrust Them

Defenders Northwest Based in Gig Harbor, WA 98335 Is Alleged to Be a Fraudulent Land Rover Defender Restoration Shop That Cheats Land Rover Owners and Steals Their Cars and Money. Brain Hall and Michele Hall Who Filed for Personal Bankruptcy, and Their Shop Defenders Northwest LLC Are Accused of Defrauding Consumers. We Want to Warn Defender and Landrover Community and Car Collectors to Be Careful When Dealing with Brian T Hall and Michelle A. Hall and Their Gig Harbor, Washington Based Land Rover Defender Restoration and Parts Shop.

After 8 Years of Excuses, They Have Refused to Deliver Our Defender. We Believe That It May Not Even Exist. We Have Contacted Law Enforcement and Media, and Ended Up Suing Defenders Northwest LLC and Brian and Michele Hall for Fraud. the Copy of the Filed Complaint Is Mentioned Below. Make Up Your Own Mind, but Usually Incidents of Outrageous and Evil Behaviour (As Alleged in Our Lawsuit) Are Not Isolated. Do Your Research Before You Entrust Them with Your Defender Restoration Project and Your Money!

Defenders Northwest LLC Litigation Information Complaint Filed